Smith Family,

Thank you for the opportunity to sponsor a team and play in the Samantha C Smith Foundation's 2013 Roy's Cup event at Dan Roy's home. You and your constituents put on an amazing event. The teamwork involved to continue  with the tournament through  a storm that dumped up to 30 inches is some areas of NH is amazing. The Roy family opened their home and hearts to many hockey players' childhood dream of a backyard rink....a rink that can only be described by one's visit. My Primerica office and LaCarreta Derry are proud to have been sponsors in such an amazing event. The memories created will last a lifetime. I'm finding it difficult to find a word that gives justice to the experience of Roy's Cup. Amazing! Phenomenal! Crazy! Ridiculous! Out-of-this-world! Sick! Outstanding! It is all the above and more. I'm left to only say one thing: THANK YOU!


Nick Therrien and 2013 Roy's Cup teammates  Scott Proulx, John Dunn, Chris Holland, Mike
Girard, Mike Murray, and Carl Vaillancourt.


Previous Scholarship Winners

Samantha (2006 Education Winner) and Morgan Gralla (2008 Education Winner)

Dear Dan,

Thank you for inviting my sister, Morgan (2008 educational winner), and I (2006 educational winner) to the Parade of Past Winners! Having both of us selected to receive the Samantha C. Smith scholarship award was an honor for our family and we will be forever grateful for the educational opportunities that the Samantha C. Smith scholarship granted us. Due to currently being located in New Jersey, we will unfortunately be unable to attend today's Roy's Cup 2015. While we cannot attend and celebrate with you, we did want to update you on our educational achievements, which were made possible, in part, by the contributions of the Samantha C. Smith Foundation.

Upon graduating Brookdale Community College in Spring 2009, Samantha transferred to Rutgers University where she majored in psychology and education. After graduating from Rutgers, she worked as a Head Start preschool teacher before deciding to pursue graduate study. In September 2012, Samantha began a three-year graduate program in school psychology at the University of Delaware. She earned her masters degree in May 2013 and will earn her education specialist degree this coming May. Samantha is excited to begin working as a school psychologist and have the opportunity to make a positive impact on student's lives.

Morgan graduated from Rutgers University in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in exercise science. Upon graduating, she also decided to pursue graduate study. In September 2012, Morgan began a two-year graduate program in exercise science at the University of South Carolina. She earned her masters degree in May 2014 and is using her education in clinical research and public health to pursue a career as an occupational therapist.

Our educational achievements would not have been possible without the generous contributions of the Samantha C. Smith Foundation. We thank the Smith family and the foundation for providing us with the support necessary to attain our dreams. May Samantha's spirit continue to live on through the Samantha C. Smith Foundation; we wish you all a great time at the Roy's Cup!


Samantha and Morgan Gralla

Aiden Kelley (2014 and 2015 Hockey Winner)

I am writing to thank you for giving me the chance to win the Samantha Smith foundation essay.
I was so happy and honored to learn that I won the scholarship for the second time. I feel a greater connection back to Samantha after meeting her family and the other people who raise money for the many scholarships awarded at the awards ceremony last year.  I am greatly appreciative of your support.

I am currently playing for the New Hampshire jr Monarchs peewee major premiere team. Hockey is a very expensive sport and the $750 will help pay for me to play on my team and pay for gas money for when I travel during the season.

Thank you again for giving me this chance, the money has helped me get safer equipment. I promise I will try 110% on the ice to honor Samantha and the Samantha Smith Scholarship committee. Playing hockey makes me a better person by teaching me life lessons and this scholarship will help me play hockey


Aiden Kelley

Owen Kelley (2015 Hockey Winner)

I am writing to thank you for your generous $750 Samantha Smith scholarship. I was very happy and thankful to learn I was selected this year.

I play on the Premiere Peewee Major Junior Monarchs. This year my team will be traveling to Delaware and Pennsylvania and the money will help me participate in the trips.

This money has also allowed me to get new equipment which makes me feel safer and more confident on the ice. I donate my old equipment when I am done using it to help others play and learn the game.

I am honored to be awarded this money on behalf of Samantha and will honor her memory.
I will work my hardest on the ice to play fair and hard, in the locker room to be respectful, at home to help around the house and in school be kind to others and study hard to get good grades.


Owen Kelley