Written By: Samantha's Friend - Molly McAvoy - 10 Years Old

Sammy is very sweet,
She's someone that you'll always keep.
In your thoughts and in my mind,
You are the one who's generous and kind.

Sammy I'll always love you,
I'm hoping the you love me, too.
When we swam in my pool,
We both felt nice and cool.

Yes, I hope you love me,
You'll always be cute and cute you'll be.
You're very special I thought you should know,
Special you are and it did show.

As your spirit rises high,
You're lying on a cloud way up in the sky.
It must be awesome to rest on something real,
Yes, I would too, like the way it would feel.

You're in Heaven now, you must be glad,
Sammy, you were and is the "bestest" friend I ever did have.
Although you lived a short little life,
Right now, you are up in Heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sammy's lunch: Cheese, crackers, and grapes,
When we would watch a movie, we'd pull down the drapes.

You are the best little angel, To watch out for thousands of people.

P.S. Do you remember the fun?

I do.