Roy's Cup Hockey Tournament
Rules Of The Game:

Rules of the Game:                                                                                           (back)

  1. Team shirts required.
  2. All participants 21 or older.
  3. Four on Four with the ability to have one substitution.
  4. 3 periods of 10 minute running time periods.
  5. Referee’s will be the next two teams playing which is mandatory!!!
  6. All penalty’s will be assessed a penalty shot. Game time will stop for penalty shot.
  7. The team that shoots the puck out of play or intentionally tips puck out of play will then forfeit the puck possession.
  8. Red Line is off sides and tag up is allowed.
  9. No full time goaltender and all players must rotate through the goalie position every game. If not a forfeit will be declared.
  10. All other rules are traditional hockey rules.
  11. No slap shots only wrist shots.
  12. This is a gentlemen's game AND NO-CHECK.
Special Team Rules: To make the game as fair as possible here are some extra competitive rules..
  1. Coed teams are welcome.
  2. Losing team shovels the ice between games.
Recommended Equipment:
  1. Helmet
  2. Gloves
  3. Shin Pads
  4. Elbow Pads
  5. Cup
  6. Winter Hat, long johns, hand warmers
  1. Brand new facility located in Londonderry NH - Roy's Arena.
  2. Arena size is 78'x46', with a roof overhead, 2 locker rooms,and a warming hut for fans along with large bleacher area.
  3. Night Lights.
  4. Bench area for 4 people on each side.
  5. Snack Bar with Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Burgers and Hot Dogs and Buffalo Wings.